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The Good Batch

The Good Batch is a family-run taste emporium that gathers together top quality delicacies from around the world and local soil: the good batch of nuts, chocolate, coffee and more to satisfy every craving.

From famous Middle Eastern halva and iconic American peanut butter cups to Italian biscotti, Turkish figs and South African almonds, shop to your heart’s content in our buzzing treasure trove. Everywhere you look, from floor to ceiling, you’ll discover an exquisite array of hand-picked delights. Jars piled high, rustic sacks overflowing with dried fruit, and coffee and nuts roasted on the spot.

Entice your senses. The scent of freshly ground coffee, just-baked biscuits and nuts roasted on the spot, the vivid colours of dried fruits, old-fashioned sweets and jewel-like Turkish delight, and the ‘music’ of scoops and gift hampers whipped up for a lucky someone. The feeling that you are in the heart of foodie heaven.
A whole new world of tastes, smells and textures await you at The Good Batch.

Body & Soul Therapy

Divinely inspired by the relationship between the Body & Soul. Body & Soul Therapy recently opened its doors at Cavendish Square specialising in soothing and stimulating relief that helps create inner balance and harmony through homeopathic approaches. Faithful to nature, Body & Soul Therapy uses only the best natural and nurturing products.


Kingsley Heath is an African luxury Apparel and Footwear Store conceptualised in 1994 Africa shines through it’s originality, diversity, authenticity and creativity; all of which are essential components of what defines luxury.

Kingsley Heath offers sophisticated and contemporary styles. Men’s rugged travelled-in pieces which are contrasted by the softer ladies apparel, such as flirty, sheer ruffle blouses, feminine cotton camisoles with intricate embellishments, super-soft t-shirts with hand rendered artworks and vintage styled appliqués.

The Kingsley retail experience strives to be a holistic one, filled with the sounds, scents, touches and hues so that visitors, will have an experience over and above the distinctive product.