Limnos Bakers

Limnos Bakers prides itself in creating the freshest and finest handmade cakes and patisserie. Its pastry chefs follow recipes that have been refined over the years to provide the highest quality in taste and appearance. The special care and attention in creating Limnos Bakers cakes has led to a loyal following of valued clients.
Limnos Bakers combines the mastery of traditional technique with artistic vision to create delicious and decadent works of art. All pastries, cakes and desserts are handmade from scratch, using only natural ingredients.
Our family-owned and operated pastry and bakery business is driven by the founding belief that cakes and pastries should taste as good as they look. Limnos Bakers has never deviated from our unparalleled commitment to use only the freshest ingredients.

Telephone Number

081 393 0511

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Trading Hours

Open Today: Saturday

From 09h00 to 19h00

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